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Bahria Orchard Phase 1 – Location, Map, Plots Prices and Payment Plan

Bahria Orchard Lahore – a land of vogue and elegance – has the finest homes and commercial areas that you can find in Pakistan, where every unit weaves the contemporary in leisure and let you live the most upbeat lifestyle with serene surroundings. Bahria Orchard Lahore is snuggled into natural green residential spheres. Bahria Orchard Lahore is that serene land bringing our dreams to reality. Bahria Orchard is categorized into different Phases where different residential and commercials are included. These Phases are:

Bahria Orchard Phase 1 is the first and oldest phase of Bahria Orchard Lahore. It is an ideal living community that is now fully developed with thousands of residents residing here and population rising with every passing day. The luxurious and splendid environment and architecture of Bahria Orchard Phase 1 has grasped the attention of resident all over Pakistan.

Bahria Orchard Phase 1

Bahria Orchard Phase 1 is offering every kind of peace and tranquility for its residents. As it is completely LDA approved, here all the basic and civic facilities of electricity, gas, water and sewerage to all the luxuries are already present in Bahria Orchard Phase 1. There are no legal troubles for investors here. Residents do not have to worry about anything of that sort.  Any sort of problem is solved by no means time. The operational commercials also make sure that the residents live here worry free life and can easily access daily life amenities within the society.

Bahria Orchard Phase 1 offers all the international and state of the art infrastructure in its layout. Bahria Orchard Phase 1 offers almost everything that a family needs the most in their living environment. From schools to commercial areas, everything is present here without any doubt. The Residents love the exotic beauty of nature and want to live in a place as quiet and peaceful as Bahria Orchard Phase 1.

Let’s discuss different features of Bahria Orchard Phase 1 so that the potential investors, who want to invest now, can be facilitated. We will discuss the following points, considered necessary while making investment decisions.

  • Location
  • Layout Plan
  • Amenities and facilities
  • Payment Plan
  • Why invest in Bahria Orchard Phase 1?

These points make it much easier for the investor to decide on a project.


Bahria Orchard Phase 1 is ideally located on Main Raiwind Road Lahore. It is located a few minutes’ drive from Adda plot and Lahore Ring Road Interchange. By being located close to this interchange, Bahria Orchard Phase 1 has an easy has easy access to all important locations of the Lahore city.

Near-by areas:

  • Adda Plot is 10 minutes’ drive away
  • Sharif Medical City is 10 minutes’ drive away
  • Lake City Lahore is 15 minutes’ drive away
  • Sui Gas Phase 2 is 12 minutes’ drive away
  • Bahria Town Sector E is 15 minutes’ drive away

Bahria Orchard Lahore Map

Bahria Orchard Lahore map is available on different websites but either it’s been a while when Bahria Orchard Lahore map was updated. Investors also want the latest map to look for the areas which has more pace of development.

New real estate projects are being introduced in Bahria Orchard Lahore map in both residential and commercial sector of Bahria Orchard Lahore and need to be addressed on Bahria Orchard Lahore Map too.

Today we will discuss the following main points of the Bahria Orchard Phase 1that an investor should know before invest here.

Layout Plan:

Bahria Orchard Phase 1 is divided into four blocks. These four blocks are:

  • Northern Block
  • Southern Block
  • Central Block
  • Eastern Block

All these blocks offer both residential and commercial areas for a comfortable and serene residence. These blocks include ready to move houses and residential plots of different sizes in its residential areas.

The most common residential plot cutting and ready to move house here include:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Villas and Cottages:

Villas and Cottages of Bahria Orchard Phase 1 are designed to suit the requirements and specifications of every family size. Different size of ready to move houses and residential plots are available so that different investors can invest here according to their wants and preferences. Large and small can easily accommodate in the Bahria Orchard Phase 1.

Each Villa comes equipped with the best fixtures, accessories, fittings, and high-class finishes. From bricks and mortar, everything is chosen to fit to exacting standards ensuring a very high quality of work and an exclusive finished product. The best quality of brick and mortar to last weather coat of paint are used. The fixtures display the luxury and magnificence of the environment.

Living in Bahria Orchard will transform your lifestyle entirely. The entire place is set up in such a way that will leave you in awe with it.

Blocks of Bahria Orchard Phase 1:

Northern Block:

Northern Block consists of 10 Marla and 1 Kanal residential plots. Northern Block features quite less construction of houses as compared to Central Block. Only 50% of this block is occupied with construction of houses and commercial shops.

Northern Extension block includes 8 Marla and 1 Kanal residential plots.

Central Block:

A major portion of plots in Central Block are of 10 Marla and 1 Kanal. The development rate here is very fast. Lots of houses are constructed here already and many more are in different stages of construction. Ready to move in Villas and cottages of various sizes are also available here. residential properties, this block also features Bahria Hospital, School, PSO Fuel Station, Arena and Parks. 70-80% of this block is occupied with construction of houses and commercial shops.

Southern Block:

Southern Block is featuring 8 Marla, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal residential plots, many of which are now converted into construction now.

The pace of construction is also very high here too. 40-50% of this block is occupied with construction of houses and commercial shops. Southern block offers many parks too that offer a fresh and cool view.

Eastern Block:

Eastern Block features 10 Marla and 1 Kanal residential plot cuttings many of which are now converted into houses and commercial shops now. Eastern Block offers Parks, Commercial shops, Food Court and Shopping mall, and Masjid.

Almost 60-70% is occupied with construction of houses and commercial shops. Eastern Extension Block offers 5 Marla and 8 Marla residential plots. This block also features Eastern Villas. These are 5 Marla ready to move in homes developed by Q Links Developers.

Amenities and facilities:

A large population is already residing at Bahria Orchard Phase 1. To make their lives and lifestyle comfortable, Bahria Orchard Phase 1 is providing all kind of amenities and luxury facilities.

Due to different world class amenities available here, the residents don’t have to go out to Lahore city to full fill their needs. Some of these luxuries at Phase 1 are

  • Secure and Gated Community
  • Security and CCTV 24/7
  • Basic and Civic to Luxuries Amenities (Electricity, water, gas)
  • Schools
  • Parks
  • Mini Golf Park
  • Mosque
  • Hospital
  • Cinema
  • Food Court
  • Commercials and Shopping Mall with wide parking spaces
  • Banks
  • Wide and carpeted Road structure
  • Fuel Station
  • Grid Station
  • Graveyards

Bahira Orchard Phase 1 Latest Prices:

The price plan of the Bahria Orchard Phase 1 varies upon the block and the location of the plots matter a lot too. Corner and park facing plots feature an extra premium on them. The detailed price list of different blocks of Phase 1 is given below.

Northern  BlockMinimum (PKR)Maximum (PKR)
10 Marla7,000,00011,500,000
1 Kanal15,000,00022,500,000
Northern Extension BlockMinimum (PKR)Maximum (PKR)
5 Marla5,000,0007,000,000
8 Marla6,000,0009,500,000
Central BlockMinimum (PKR)Maximum (PKR)
10 Marla9,500,00014,000,000
1 Kanal22,500,00027,500,000
Southern BlockMinimum (PKR)Maximum (PKR)
10 Marla10,000,00014,500,000
1 Kanal22,500,00025,000,000
Southern Ext BlockMinimum (PKR)Maximum (PKR)
5 Marla2,800,0003,500,000
8 Marla3,500,0004,800,000
10 Marla4,600,0005,500,000
Eastern BlockMinimum (PKR)Maximum (PKR)
10 Marla10,500,00012,500,000
1 Kanal27,000,00030,000,000
Eastern Ext BlockMinimum (PKR)Maximum (PKR)
5 Marla4,500,0008,000,000
8 Marla6,500,0009,500,000

Why invest in Bahria Orchard Phase 1?

Bahria Orchard Phase 1 is a great investment opportunity for investors of all financial backgrounds. People from different backgrounds can easily invest here. Some of the reasons why to invest in Bahria Orchard Phase 1 are given below.

LDA Approved:

Bahria Orchard Phase 1 is a completely LDA Approved Bahria Orchard Lahore. There are no legal issues with investment here and won’t be any worries in future too. Investors trust the Bahria Developers as they provide all the amenities and facilities of international standards.

Huge construction:

Bahria Orchard Phase 1 has been developed according to the LDA bylaws and expectations of the residents, offering all the amenities and facilities life has to offer for a comfortable lifestyle. It has urged investors and residents to construct their homes and more to Bahria Orchard Phase 1 as soon as possible.

Availability of different brands:

As Bahria Orchard Phase 1 is LDA Approved, there is the availability of many different brands all over the Bahria Orchard Phase 1. There are different branded outlets of brands including banks, grocery stores, restaurants, and shops catering daily necessities. Many boulevard commercials are operational. The inner commercials are now also being made operational.

Value Appreciation:

The properties of Bahria Orchard Phase 1 have soared up in the value appreciation from the time when they were first offered. The main boulevard commercials which were offered at PKR 1 Crore are now being offered PKR 5 Crore and above for resale. Same is the case with the residential properties too.

Considering these project factors, it can be an investment that delivers unmatched dividends and is a golden opportunity. Take advantage of this golden chance and book these affordable plots at reasonable prices and a flexible payment plan with Pakistan Property Services.

For booking a plot in Bahria Orchard Phase 1, contact Pakistan Property Services. We provide you better consultations for your real estate matters regarding Bahria Town projects being the authorized dealers. For further information, you can also visit our YouTube channel where we update regularly to get to know about the new trends in real estate market of Pakistan.

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