SQ Cloth Market in Bahria Town Karachi – Location, Features, Investment Scope & Booking Details

sq cloth market

SQ Cloth Market, launched in previous year 2020, is the safest haven for top clothing brands. This project is the hub of cloth-related businesses. SQ Cloth Market is the very first of its kind where you can get all the top clothing brands and every type of cloth and fabric under one roof.

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SQ Cloth Market provides you with many diverse options, from the expensive most to the cheapest one, all with amazing quality. SQ Cloth Market can cater to different income groups, from the need for branded clothes to small shops for matching for low-income customers.

The clothes and fabrics here will be exported from all over Pakistan to provide the customers of SQ Cloth Market every variety available in other areas too. Many customers always prefer to buy clothes from the market rather than online shopping, SQ Cloth Market is the best option for them.

SQ Cloth Market in Bahria Town Karachi – Project Details

SQ Cloth Market is the project of Ali Saqlain Estate & Builders. This group of builders is the first investment and development group to launch a unique project especially just for the clothing shops in Bahria Town Karachi. Due to the reliable name of developers, many investors are already looking for investment options in SQ Cloth Market.

With the increasing population, the needs of the residents are increasing and commercial projects are needed to fulfill their needs. It is Bahria Town’s Management first priority to keep their residents facilitated with every type of amenity. SQ Cloth Market is also a good project for investment purposes too.


SQ Cloth Market is ideally located on Jinnah Avenue in Bahria Town Karachi. Plot number 77, 78, 79, and 80 in Liberty Commercials around theme park are allocated for this project. Many important landmarks of Bahria Town Karachi are located in the close vicinity.

SQ Cloth Market is located at a 12 minutes’ drive from main gate of Bahria Town Karachi, making it quite accessible for the customers to access it from different parts of Karachi. Other main features and landmarks in the surroundings of this project are

  • At 400 feet wide main Jinnah Avenue
  • Facing International Theme Park
  • At walking distance from the Grand Mosque
  • Next to Bahria Community Center
  • Directly accessible from Malik Square
  • Important landmarks within a 5-minute drive

Layout Plan:

SQ Cloth Market is a complete cloth market with 380 customized commercial shops. The layout for the building of this project is ground-plus-twelve stories approved. SQ Cloth Market is featuring commercial shops of different sizes ranging from 190 Sq. Ft. to 700 Sq. Ft.

Available Amenities:

SQ Cloth Market features many world class facilities under one roof that make it different from the ones in the locality. These amenities are

  • Security and CCTV Surveillance 24/7
  • 24/7 Electricity Availability
  • Air conditioned environment
  • Wi-Fi
  • Backup for power
  • An exclusive commercial layout
  • Fast-moving cargo lifts
  • Escalators and staircase
  • Hi-tech firefighting system
  • Movement supportive corridors
  • Personalized parking lots
  • The foolproof digital security system
  • Specialized information counter
  • Watertight utility installations
  • Functional power backup

Available Properties:

SQ Cloth Market is featuring different categories of the commercial shops including

  • Facing Theme Park
  • Facing lobby shops
  • Corner locations
  • Standard locations
  • Corner facing lobby

Payment Plan:

SQ Cloth Market is providing an affordable down payment and easy monthly installments payment plan to its investors. A 3-year installment plan will be provided for the payment.

Future of Investment in SQ Cloth Market:

SQ Cloth Market is expected to offer the highest ROI with the shortest payback period in Bahria Town Karachi as the business of this project is the very basic need of everyone. Due to this fact, businesses here are expected to flourish in 2-3 years when the building will be developed.

With shop payment plans starting from just Rs 15,000 per month, SQ Cloth Market has a great potential for monthly rentals from premium national and international brands.

SQ Cloth Market is a perfect investment option for small scale investment and is a masterpiece as it features all those qualities of a world-class shopping center.

Ideal Location:

The location is very ideal and this place increases the value of the investment, which is very beneficial and attractive to customers. SQ Cloth Market in Bahria Town Karachi not only offers the best investment opportunity for investors but also the best shopping experience to the people who will shop here. It has the best environment for both investors and customers.

There is no opportunity for cloth market where every type of cloth is available under one roof in the vicinity of Bahria Town Karachi, so investment here will be fruitful as the residents in surrounding areas and the residents of other societies nearby Bahria Town will like to come to a nearer place where every facility is available.

Small Scale Investment:

This will be a small scale investment with a big and greater ROI in future as cloth market is very much needed in every society.  Due to small sizes of shops, the payment plan is also easy and convenient. The small investors can definitely invest here to gain more income and high earnings here.

Small scale investment is also preferred as it comes with low risk. Many investors want to minimize the risk even if they have to settle for less, as no one wants to lose their hard earned money.

Merger Option:

Merger option is available for the SQ Cloth Market. People who did not get possession of their properties in Bahria Town Karachi before of disputed or nonexistent plots can exchange their property with a commercial shop here. The payment will be paid for the disputed or nonexistent plots if it was less than the payment of shops here, then extra payment will be paid, not otherwise.

Reliable Developers:

SQ Cloth Market is the project of Ali Saqlain Estate & Builders. The renowned and brilliant experts at Ali Saqlain Estate & Builders have planned and designed everything with great enthusiasm and passion. Investors trust the developers and want to associate themselves with Ali Saqlain Estate & Builders.

Stable Rental income:

You don’t need to open up a business here yourself. Many investors are enjoying the stable rental income of their shops, just by renting the shops out to other people who want to open up or expand their businesses. This helps both the investor and the tenant of the shop and creates a win-win situation for both parties.

Hike in Prices:

There are limited shops in SQ Cloth Market, almost 300-400. These shops will be sold on first come, first serve basis. This limited number of shops will increase the prices of the shops. So it is advised to invest here before the prices increase.

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So don’t wait and book your commercial property in SQ Cloth Market in Bahria Town, Karachi today.

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