LV Height Lahore Apartments

LV Heights Lahore

LV Height Lahore Apartments is the new age of class and sophistication. The project offers luxury apartments with international-standard amenities. LV Height Lahore provides the experience of the new style of calm, peaceful, and full of exciting era. LV Height Lahore is the first in Lahore where each apartment enjoys the same facilities and amenities.

G6 story High Executive class Apartment with 154 Luxury living Apartments

LV Height Lahore  Location:

LV Height Lahores are located in Lahore Villas Society on Raiwind Road, Lahore.  LV Height Lahore Apartments are located at Raiwind Road, adjacent to Lahore Ring Road near Adda plot. LV Height Lahore Apartments are just 2 minutes’ drive from Bhotian Chowk, 15 min drive from Lahore Airport, and 5 min drive to Bahria Town

LV Height Lahore Available within 5 Km radius:

  1. Ripla University
  2. Adda Plot Chowk
  3. Bahria Town
  4. Eiffel Tower Replica
  5. Grand Jamia Mosque
  6. Fazaia Housing Society
  7. UFC Gym
  8. University of Lahore
  9. Lake City
  10. Safari Wildlife Zoo
  11. Comsats University
  12. VU University
  13. University of Lahore
  14. Bhotian Chowk

LV Height Lahore Homes and Apartments:

LV Homes and Apartments are residential project located in Lahore Villas at Raiwind, near Ring road interchange offering apartments and villas. LV Homes and Apartments are available on easy and convenient monthly installments for investors and residents.

  • What type of project is LV Height Lahore?

LV Height Lahore is an Apartment Building Project.

  • What type of apartment you are offering?

Studio, one-bed and two-bed apartments

  • What are the amenities?

Rooftop Garden, Modern Equipped Gymnasium, Playland, LV Club

  • What is the per square foot rate?
    Lowest per square foot rate is 7000 rupees.
  • What is the rental income?

High rental yield guaranteed 5% to 7%

  • Is that an approved project?
    It’s an approved housing society from all concerned authorities. Its LDA approved project.
  • What is the reference number of this project?

You can visit the LDA website and search about Lahore Villa. Its mentioned over there in approved project details

Fill the form and our representative will contact you.

  • What is the installment plan of LV?
  1. 15% payment on Booking
  2. 15% on confirmation
  3. Monthly installment 30 months
  4. Half yearly 5 Balloon Payment
  5. 10% payment on possession
  • What is the LV Height Lahore Mouza?

Mouza Bhalaigill

  • What is the location of LV Height Lahore?

It is located on Riwand Road near to Ada plot.

  • 10 minutes’ drive from Thokar Niaz Baig
  • 20 minutes from airport
  • 2 minutes’ drive from Safari Zoo

Top universities in nearby area Superior university and Comsat

  • Who is the developer of LV Height Lahore?

Tameer Developer is the developer of this project. These are also the developer of the society Lahore villa. There is no 3rd Party Project.

  • What are the names of the Developers of LV Homes and Apartments?
  • Ch. Mehmood
  • Ch. Ishtiaq
  • How many villas we are offering?

30 villas are being offer.

  • Where is the developer office?

Developer office is also available at the site near entrance gate.

  • What is the land area of LV Height Lahore?

One building is spanning on the area of 5 Kanal

  • What are the details of Lahore Villa Society?
  1. Its 94 Kanal and 4 Marla approved project.
  2. LV Club Facility is also available we have our site office there.
  3. Society Park is also available.
  4. LV Height Lahore is an off-plan project
  • What is an Off-plan Property?

Off-plan property is a property before a structure has been constructed upon it

  • What is the description of the LV Height Lahore?
  1. Front Elevation of the project Entrance lobby. It’s a multipurpose building
  2. We have four commercial shops for brands on ground floor
  3. We have only two-bedroom apartment on ground floor 6th floor
  4. On first, second, third and forth we have Studio and 1-bedroom apartment.
  5. We have roof top garden.
  6. Apartment view ring road, fazaia and lake City
  7. Boundary wall and Gated with backup generator is available only for lifts. We have 1 cargo lift.
  8. IN house facility includes Club, Swimming Pool, Membership is also available
  9. Land Area 100 Kanal almost
  10. For parking need to pay extra 3 Lac. It will be adjusted in the monthly installments.
  • Who are the competitors of LV?
  1. Al-Hayat Residencia
  2. Icon Residencia
  3. Signature Heights
  4. Egale Heights
  5. Zameen Opal
  • What are the rates your computers are offering?
  1. Al-Hayat Residencia Offering Rs 8250 Per Square feet
  2. Icon Residencia Rs 9250 Per Square feet
  3. Signature Heights Rs 8735 Per Square feet
  4. Egale Heights Rs 6444 Per Square feet
  5. Zameen Opal
  • What Is LV Height Lahore?

Its G+6 story High Apartment & 01 dedicated basements for parking

  • What is the Project location on Raiwind Road?
  1. The project is situated with Fazaia Interchange.
  2. Airport is on 15 min drive through Ring Road
  3. Thokar Niaz Baig on 10 min drive
  4. Bahria town on 10 Min Drive
  5. Safari Zoo on 2 Min Drive
  6. University of Lahore on 5 Min Drive
  7. Comsats and VU on 7 min drive
  • What is the total land area of LV Height Lahore Project?

Total Land Area is 5 Kanal and cover area 4 Kanal.

How many apartments in LV Height Lahore Building?

154 Luxury Apartments

  • What are the amenities does LV Height Lahore have?

All amenities available (football ground, mosque, club, parks etc. available within 5 Km radius:

Amenities & Facilities
  1. Smart Features
  2. Better living Standard
  3. Luxury Life Style
  4. Rooftop Restaurant
  5. Modern Equipped Gymnasium
  6. High Speed Passenger Lifts
  7. Cargo Lifts
  8. Security Camera
  9. Power Backup Generator
  10. Free Dedicated covered car parking
  11. All necessary utilities available
  12. High-Quality construction
  13. 24/7 Security
  14. Water, Electricity & Gas
  • What is ROI of this Project?

Return on investment is almost 70% to 90%

  • What is Rental policy of LV Height Lahore?

There is no rental offered

  • What is Resale policy of LV Height Lahore?

Property can be resold anytime. Transfer charges will be charged by the Developers.

  • What is Buyback policy of LV Height Lahore?

There is not buyback policy in it.

  • What is tenure of Project LV Height Lahore?

Projected completion of LV Height Lahore would be in Next 2.5 to 3 years

  • What is Appreciation of policy of LV Height Lahore?

There is 20% to 30% appreciation

  • What is the cancellation policy?

15% deduction will be made on the unit price.

  • Is there any Pool dedicated or floor vise policy?

There is none.

  • Does LV Height Lahore have any Parking allocation policy?

Only Two Bed Room has dedicated parking.

  • Earthquake technology and support?

Its earthquake resilient of 7 – 8.5 magnitude.

  • What is the total height of building?

We have 86 ft. approval from LDA with 1 basement

  • What is the name of the Architecture of LV Height Lahore?

Tameer Developer.

  • Do LV Height Lahore is offering Android apartments?

Optional only on demand of customer

  • What is the booking process of LV Height Lahore project?

It can be started on just on 15% down payment and remaining on 30 easy installments

  • Who will provide legal documents details?

There is an agreement to sell contract on legal paper from Developer.

  • What date to start construction?

Possibly form January 2021.

  • What is time duration of LV Height Lahore project completion?

Its 2.5 years. Project will be delivering in 2023.

  • What is the type of this building?

It’s completely branded living and gated residential project.

  • Who is the developer of LV Height Lahore?

Tameer Developer



  • Area:

Total Area: 5 Kanal

Covered Area: Approx. 4 Kanal (constructed area approx. 108000sq. ft.)

  • Location Pointers:

Located at Raiwind Road, Near Adda Plot beside the Fazaia Society.

Booking Office Available

Google Map:

  • Property Type:

Residential Apartments:

Min. to Max. units:
370 sq. ft. – 1100 sq. ft.

Min to Max Price :
PKR 25,00,000 – PKR 77,00,000/-

Ground + 6

Basements: 1

  • Inventory Count:
  • Total Units: 154 (According to the floor plan)
    Studio: 65
    1 Bed:
    2 Bed:
  • Number of units on each floor:
    1st   Floor:8
    2nd   Floor:27
    3rd   Floor:26
    4th   Floor:26
    5th   Floor:26
    6th   Floor:12
  • Expected Return on Investment:

20%-25% Annual Return on Investment.
70% – 90% ROI in 3 to 5 years

  • Down Payment, Installment, on Possession etc.
  1. Booking 15%
  2. Confirmation: 15%
  3. Possession Charges: 10%
  4. Balloon Installment: 5 (Half Year)
  5. Installment: 30 Monthly
  6. Installment Mode: Monthly
  1. 5% discount on 50% payment
  2. 10% discount on 100% upfront payment
  • Approval Status

Approved by LDA Project

  • Project Delivery

Project Completion in December 2023

  • Development Status of LV Height Lahore
  1. Major Roads Ready
  2. Society mosque is developed
  3. Main Gate Ready
  4. Water facility available
  5. Electricity Available
  6. Water Tank Complete
  7. Sales Pitch & USPs
  8. Attractive prices
  9. Society is already established and running
  10. 5 min drive from GT road
  11. 15 mins drive from Lahore Airport
  12. 10 min drive from Thokar Niaz Baig. It is Adjacent to Fazaia Housing, Lahore Ring Road
  13. Total family driven environment.
  14. Bahria Town Lahore on 10 min drive.
  15. 24/7 Maintenance
  16. Fool proof multilayered round the clock security. 
  17. Available within 5 Km radius:
  18. Ripla University
  19. Bhotian Chowk
  20. Adda Plot Roundabout
  21. Fazaia Housing
  22. Comsat University.
  23. Parks
  24. Safari Zoo
  • Points of parity (Features & Amenities)
  1. Gated community
  2. 24/7 Security 
  3. Cleaning System
  4. Backup Water Supply facility from Society available
  5. Mosque
  6. Commercial Area
  7. All Civic Facilities are available
  8. Commercial Area
  9. Coffee shops & restaurants
  10. Maintenance available 24/7
  • Points of Differentiation (Unique Selling Points)
  1. Total Family oriented environment
  2. High end construction quality
  3. History of Timely completion of projects
  4. Swimming pool


  Al Hayat   8250/sq. ft.   Wild life Safari Zoo Rd. Under Construction  
  Icon Residencia 9250/sq. ft. Adj to Bahria Orchard Under Construction  
  Signature Heights   8735/ Sq. ft.   Bahria phase 8 Under Construction  


7,000/sq. ft. – 10,000/sq. ft. 7 to 10% Per Annum in 2 to 3 years Ring Road Expansion to Bahria Town
92 Kanal of area has been developed including LV Height Lahore Apt. and Villas.

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