How to Avoid Fraudulent Activity While Buying Property in Pakistan Either on Cash or on Installments

Real estate is the flourishing sector of Pakistan’s economy. Investors are keen on investing in this sector and this has given many developed and modern societies with a contemporary infrastructure. The ROI in this sector is the main reason why people are attracted to investing in real estate. This sector has grown 100% in the last decade. New projects and societies are being developed every day and a heavy investment is done in this field.

Avoid Fraudulent Activity While Buying Property in Pakistan

Buying a real estate property involves a great financial commitment over a long period. Hence necessary attention and care has to be taken while starting these kinds of transactions. Although the Pakistani real estate industry now has customer-friendly rules and regulations, it is important for a buyer to be careful and vigilant, given the involvement of multiple parties and an overload of documentation involved in the process of buying a property.

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The following key aspects should be considered to avoid fraudulent activities and to save one self:

  1. Do your market research:

For investing in real estate, the most important thing is to do a market research about the actual market prices, reliable dealers, required paperwork, good societies (for residence purpose), projects by the reliable developers etc. This can save the investor from a lot of hassles and difficulties.

Research can help you filter down the projects in which you can invest. This makes the decision process a lot easier too. You can also ask the price of the same area in which you are interested from different agents, dealers and now we have the facility of online listing too. It’s the easier way of researching for real estate products.

  1. Meet and Negotiate with the seller personally

When you have finalized the property which you want to buy you should ask your agent to set up a meeting with the previous owner of the property. You should not make a deal of such important matters with the agent alone and directly unless the property is being sold for the first time by a reliable developer group.

The investor should also verify ownership of the property by cross-checking the allotment/transfer letter with the NIC of the seller you’re buying the property from.

This is a big issue for the foreign investors as they cannot meet the seller of the property directly. If it is feasible then they should visit the area personally and try to meet the seller too. This is important as agents do fraud at this step. If you are confused then it is better that you don’t make the investment here.

  1. Pay in small installments of the total amount:

Paying in small amounts can make the buyer life easier. Not only it is convenient, it is also safe for the buyer. Once the price and payment terms are finalized between the buyer and the owner of the property, the buyer needs to pay the owner some token money for the booking of the property. This ensures that both parties are bound to the deal. The buyer should ask for a receipt from the owner/agent about the token money too for record-keeping. The buyer should take care of certain things at this step keenly.

The token money should be between PKR 50,000 to PKR 100,000 keeping it to the minimum level. You must take a copy of the allotment or transfer letter for the property. The token receipt must have the complete details such as the address or file number of a property. Token receipt must mention that the property doesn’t have any lawsuits or due payments.

This token money is counted in the total price of a property and no extra money should be paid by the buyer. All these issues contribute towards great hassle if it is not checked and researched properly.

  1. Confirm approved layout

Buyers must obtain a copy of the approved building layout, if they are buying an already constructed property, from the developer/seller of the property. Confirming that the building plan/layout and construction are approved by the authorities will moderate the risks such as delay in execution or cancellation of project plans. This quick analysis of the property will ensure that the plan is authentic and reliable. This also ensures that the buyer is not cheated after the initial down payment.

The buyer should also confirm the details of the area too. Developers use terms like super built-up area, built-up area, and carpet area to establish, define and communicate property prices to the buyers. A buyer should confirm the carpet area (area on which the construction can be done) of the property under consideration by measuring the actual area and not merely relying on details mentioned in the advertisements and brochures. Additionally, in order to prevent further disputes, it is important to ensure that the same area details are mentioned in the agreement’s documentation as well.

  1. Obtain detailed cost breakup

At times developers/sellers only tell the total price of the property they are selling in the form of a lump-sum price for the property. It is recommended that the buyers should request a detailed cost breakup, clearly indicating basics like the nature (breakup) of cost and the tenure of payment that is included in the lump sum price. In addition, it is essential that this cost breakup is included in the transaction contract so that it becomes legally binding.

  1. Don’t rush while buying

While buying or selling a property, it is advisable for the buyers to don’t rush into the process. Sometimes, the sellers are pushing the buyers that they should buy the property as soon as possible. Beware of this technique, as mostly sellers try to get rid of the defected buildings or the plots where the basic and civic amenities are not available. Do a proper research. You can also consult a reliable real estate agents that help you make a proper and profitable decision.

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