Extension of IT Hub Jasmine Grand Mall – Location, Shops, Features and Investment Options

Extension of IT Hub

IT Hub in Jasmine Grand Mall is a pathway for a life full of quick pace and technology. IT Hub can be considered as Silicon Valley of Bahria Town Lahore. Due to the huge popularity and huge demand by the investors, the IT Hub has been extended to 5th Floor of the Jasmine Mall. Now this project is spanning on two floors, 4th and 5th of Jasmine Mall Bahria Town Lahore.

Extension of IT Hub Jasmine Grand Mall

The IT Hub in Jasmine Grand Mall features the commercial shops that are available on easy installment plan of 3 years. The shops in IT Hub are especially dedicated for the businesses related to IT such as Mobile and its accessories, laptop and its accessories, gaming devices and equipment and other electronic devices.

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This IT Hub is going to be located on the fourth floor of Jasmine Grand Mall where the accessibility will be made sure by the high speed elevators. It is located in one of the most privileged areas of this society, on the Main Boulevard, opposite to Eiffel Tower, of Sector E of Bahria Town Lahore.

Shops on 5th floor:

The commercial shops in IT Hub on 5th floor are of 100 sq. ft., 120 sq. ft., 125 sq. ft., and 136 sq. ft. size. If you desire a bigger size you can merge two or more shops as one for achieving your desired size. Shops of fifth floor are of different categories the Main Boulevard, corner, standard, corner lift lobby, corner lobby, MB corner and the lobby and right now are available for booking.

Payment Plan 5th floor shops:

The payment plan of this commercial area is very easy and convenient helping the investors to invest here without any trouble. The installment plan is available of 3 years of the ease of investors. The installment plan is featuring 30 equal and monthly installments. 20% of the total amount will be paid in Down Payment and 20% at the time of possession. The rest of the amount will be paid in 36 Monthly installments.

The payment plan of IT Hub 5th floor shops varies with the location. The Main Boulevard facing shops are more expensive than the general or the shops next to the corner shop. This makes a very golden opportunity for investment where the investors get lots of options to invest it and they can choose from a lot.

Extension of IT Hub Jasmine Mall

Investment Scope of IT Hub:

Jasmine Grand Mall is a perfect investment option for small scale investment and is a masterpiece as it features all those qualities of a world-class shopping center. IT Hub here will thus also benefit from it. The most prominent feature of this IT Hub is its location, which is excellent, beneficial, tactical, and desirable, all at the same time.

Ideal Location:

The location is very ideal and this place increases the value of the investment, which is very beneficial and attractive to customers. IT Hub in Jasmine Grand Mall not only offers the best investment opportunity for investors but also the best shopping experience to the people who will shop here. It has the best environment for both investors and buyers.

Nothing related to IT can be found in the surroundings of Bahria Town, so investment here will be fruitful as the residents in surrounding areas and the residents of other societies nearby Bahria Town will like to come to a nearer place where every facility is available.

Small Scale Investment:

This will be a small scale investment with a big and greater ROI in future as nothing related to IT is present here for now.  Due to small sizes of shops, the payment plan is also easy and convenient. The small investors can definitely invest here to gain more income and high earnings here.

Small scale investment is also preferred as it comes with low risk. Many investors want to minimize the risk even if they have to settle for less, as no one wants to lose their hard earned money.

Reliable Developers:

Jasmine Grand Mall is the project of Q-Links Real Estate Company. The renowned and brilliant experts at Q-Links Developers have planned and designed everything with great enthusiasm and passion. Due to this enthusiasm and passion, their projects are always distinguished and excellent additions to the real estate market. Due to all these reasons, the investors trust the developer and want to associate themselves with Q-Link Developers.

Stable Rental income:

You don’t need to open up a business here yourself. Many investors are enjoying the stable rental income of their shops, just by renting the shops out to other people who want to open up or expand their businesses. This helps both the investor and the tenant of the shop and creates a win-win situation for both parties.

Hike in Prices:

There are limited shops in IT Hub, almost 150-170. These shops will be sold on first come, first serve basis. This limited number of shops will increase the prices of the shops. So it is advised to invest here before the prices increase.

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If you have missed the chance of availing the chance of investment in 4th floor then now you have another golden chance of investment on 5th floor. So don’t wait and book your commercial property in IT Hub of Jasmine Grand Mall Bahria Town, Lahore today.

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