Construction Cost of 8 Marla House in Grey Structure

Construction Cost of 8 Marla House in Grey Structure

In Pakistan, most people cannot afford big houses like 10 Marla and 1 Kanal, so people prefer to invest in sizes that are not too small but quite affordable. For this purpose, 8 Marla homes are best. Eight Marla houses are low maintenance and more affordable than 8 Marla homes and can easily accommodate a family. It requires a minimum cost and proper planning. 8 Marla plots or houses are in high demand in Pakistan because all the investors afford them. By planning and budgeting properly, you can save a good amount of your savings and build a home of your choice. Due to their smaller size, Eight Marla houses are easier to construct, and the construction process can be completed in a shorter period than bigger houses.

8 Marla house vs. 5 Marla house:

An 8 Marla house provides more living space than a 5 Marla house, making it suitable for families with more significant numbers or those requiring more living areas. Due to their larger size, 8 Marla houses can offer better facilities and amenities such as more oversized bedrooms, additional rooms, and more open spaces for gardens or outdoor activities. In many urban areas of Pakistan, 8 Marla plots are more readily available than more significant properties, making it easier for people to find suitable land for construction.

8 Marla Covered Area for construction of a house:

Eight Marla is commonly used as a unit of land in Pakistan, approximately 2178 square feet or 202.34 square meters.

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A covered area refers to the built-up area of a structure or building, i.e., the area enclosed by walls and covered by a roof. In other words, eight Marla covered area” means the total built-up area of a building built on an 8 Marla plot. The exact covered area would depend on the design of the building, the number of floors, and other factors.

Grey Structure Construction Cost:

Gray structures typically comprise foundations, columns, beams, roofs, and external walls. Here, you have to remember that the price of the grey structure can vary depending on the materials’ quality and design you select.

A grey structure is essential and constructed with basic elements like Sand, Cement, Bajri, Safety Grills, Ghassu, and many other materials. It involves all the sanitary and electricity and ends with the main gate.

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The grey structure construction cost depends on the budget and planning. In Pakistan, the grey structure saves money for an investor for 8 Marla houses. Construction costs for an 8 Marla (approximately 2178 square feet) house vary depending on many factors, including location, materials, market rates, and labor.

Phases of Grey Structure Construction Cost:

We will discuss the grey structure construction cost according to the construction steps. The following steps are included in the construction of the grey structure:

  • Plot demarcation
  • Excavation & Layout
  • Underground Termite Proofing
  • base filling
  • Construction of brick walls
  • Roofing systems that cover all aspects
  • Wall plaster made from concrete or cement
  • Shades for windows
  • The entire water tank system
  • Walls at the border
  • Underground electrification (except for lights and switches)
  • Installation of an entire sewerage system
  • Grills for safety
  • The main gate

Let’s discuss these phases in detail.

  1. Plot Demarcation

Plot Demarcation refers to the area covered by the entire plot, which refers to the four corners of the plot fixed or leveled by the engineer before building it. Team members mark the point according to their criteria from a certain distance from the road. Following the marking of the first point, the corners of the other four points are marked accordingly.

  1. Excavation & format

Plot excavation is a starting point when constructing the base of your home. The entire building of the house is built upon it. Making sketches to start the excavation and layout process would be best. Some parts of the plots may need to be dug. Also, the depth and layout of the excavation differ from 3 feet to 5 feet, as mentioned in the working sketch issued by your architect. The excavators shovel the approved zone of the ground. The lowermost layer must be concentered, with no soft spot. 8 Marla house excavation generally takes 2 to 3 days.

  1. Underground Termite Proofing

After the completion of the excavation, the important succeeding step before starting the construction is the termite treatment or termite spray. However, termites can significantly damage your home’s foundation if left uncontrolled. That’s why underground termite proofing is necessary. Anti-termite treatment is done after the excavation process is finalized. Numerous companies are offering termite spray services at multiple rates. Pakistan’s approximate anti-termite treatment cost for 8 Marla houses is around PKR 65,000. 

  1. Base Filling Cost:

The average construction cost per square foot ranges from PKR 6,000 to PKR 7,500 in Pakistan. For an 8 Marla house, the average price of construction materials can vary between PKR 5 million to PKR 10 million, varying due to many factors. To better understand the costs involved, you should focus on the foundational elements commonly used in construction.

  • Sand:

In base filling, sand is essential. It plays a vital and fundamental role in filling your base. For filling the bottom, suitable and high-quality sand is required that is usually found in rivers. In Pakistan, Ravi river sand is best for the basement, while Chenab river sand is good due to its mixture of Ghassu 70% and 30% clay, called Ghassu.

Sand is also used in mortar for laying bricks, plaster, and concrete. The size of the house and the thickness of the plaster and mortar determine the amount of sand required. Many local options are available in the market, and most people choose local contractors because their prices are typically five times lower than the market price.

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Ghassu is used to fill the plots to make a solid foundation to construct quality grey structures. Labor cannot use the soil for filling that can damage the foundation or walls of the house in the future. For 8 Marla house filling, you require almost 7000 cubic feet of Ghassu. The total cost of Ghassu, for excavation and backfill, for 8 Marla home construction is approximately PKR 139,625. In contrast, sand can cost up to PKR 72,000 to PKR 208,000 according to various categories.

  • Steel:

Steel plays a crucial role in the foundation of a house, so during construction, the most critical component is steel. Usually, 60-grade steel is recommended. The contractors are best equipped to determine the precise amount of steel needed to construct 8 Marla houses. Rates of steel bars in the market fluctuate based on supply and demand, with the possibility of both increases and decreases. Many options in the market provide a balance of high-quality steel bars and competitive prices. The estimated total cost for steel for an 8 Marla house construction is PKR 1,350,000. 

  • Bricks:

The number of bricks required for an 8 Marla house will depend on the design of the house, like the number of floors and the thickness of the walls. Usually, in our traditional construction method, contractors decide the maximum amount of required bricks, but an estimated idea about constructing an 8 Marla house may need around 75 to 90 thousand bricks. The cost of bricks can vary from 12-15 PKR per brick. You can find various quality bricks at an affordable price range. The estimated total cost for bricks for 8-Marla house construction is PKR 22,99,778.

  • Concrete:

Concrete is used in the foundation and slab of the house. The amount of concrete required will depend on the size of the house, the thickness of the foundation and slab, and the number of floors. As a rough estimate, an 8-Marla house may require around 85-90 cubic meters of concrete in the current inflationary environment, where prices of other items have increased. Similarly, concrete prices have also risen, but wide varieties are available in the market with reasonable prices and quality.

  • Crush:

Crush is used in the foundation, slab, and backfilling concrete. The amount of crushing required will depend on the size of the house and the thickness of the foundation and slab. An 8-Marla house may need around 55-65 cubic meters of crush. Crush market prices differ in areas; Punjab has changed rates, Sindh has other, while KPK and Balochistan side has another. The estimated cost for a crush for 8-Marla house construction is PKR3,90,150.

  • Cement:

Cement is used to bind and solidify the materials together, as its purpose is to make things more solid. During construction, cement is a crucial binding material used in various phases such as masonry work, plastering, joint-making, constructing floors, roofs, lintels, pillars, and more. Select high-quality cement to ensure immense strength in masonry, high-end plastering, and moisture resistance.

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Almost 1000 cement bags would be required to construct an 8 Marla house, an estimated quantity. The price per kg bag of cement is up to 1,060 PKR, and the market has a range of popular cement brands that offer quality material. The estimated total cost for cement for 8-Marla house construction is PKR 10,84,140.

  1. Wiring & Gas Piping

The wiring and gas piping are essential for constructing the 8 Marla house. Every house needs electricity and gas pipes, which involve gas and electricity supply. Also, wiring is all the underground work. Underground electric wiring is a crucial step when constructing your home.

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Underground electric wiring requires proper planning and professional expertise. It would be best to have PVC pipes, electrical pipes, switchboard covers, bend, junction boxes, PVC tape, and more for electric wiring. During construction, you should leave space for the MCB box by measuring the appropriate size for installation in the future.

  • Switches and Back Boxes (almost PKR 38,920)
  • Conduits and Accessories (almost PKR 73,000)
  • Labor Cost (almost PKR 100,000)

The estimated total 8 Marla total electric wiring cost is around PKR 2,10,000, including all the materials and labor. You should hire professionals for your home’s electric wiring to avoid future issues.

You need 152 GI welded pipelines and 2 Gas cocks for 8 Marla house’s gas piping. The total cost for gas piping will be around PKR 99,690.

  1. Plumbing

The plumbing and sanitary work are essential when building a grey structure of 8 Marla’s home. Plumbing includes the system installation of water, drainage, sewerage, and everything. During this phase, all the work is underground and requires technical and professional expertise. The architecture drawings have all the necessary details for installing sanitary pipes and links.

The water pipes are ¾ to 2″ in diameter, and the sewerage pipes are 2″ to 6″. GI pipes are more durable and reliable for water supply. UPVC pipes are suitable for drainage and sewerage pipelines.

  • Hot and cold water supply (almost PKR 7768,000)
  • Insulation Armaflex (almost PKR 5094,0)
  • Drainage System (almost PKR 1,62,000)
  • Pumps and Drains (almost PKR 319,000)
  • AC Drainage System (almost PKR 22,970)
  • UPVC Pipelines (almost PKR 5498,000)
  • Labor Cost (almost PKR 1,35,000)

The cost of plumbing in 8 Marla houses is approximately PKR 9,22,000.

  1. Main Gate

The main gate is also considered a part of the grey structure. The cost of the main entrance depends on its material, design, and measurements. Professionals highly recommend 16 and 18-gauge, more durable and robust gates. However, 20 and 22-gauge options are also available but could be more reliable.

The calculated cost is around PKR 150,000 For 16 and 18-gauge main gates. The price can vary because of the gate design.

  1. Plaster (Concrete)

Plaster is the most crucial phase for exterior grey finishing. Plaster is done with cement covering the brick walls, giving them a smooth and even look. Plaster is made of sand, cement, and water, giving masonry exteriors and interiors a high-end finish. The plaster helps get a more polished look and protects the surfaces, making them durable.

Plaster is done on every part, including ceiling plaster, internal walls plaster, external walls, and boundary wall plaster. For the thickness of at least 12mm to 15mm plaster layer, 150 to 250 bags are used for plastering an 8 Marla house in Pakistan. Hence, you will require 1050 cubic feet of thick cement.

According to the rate of PKR 1140 per bag, the plaster cost for 8 Marla homes can be PKR 1084,140. However, the rate can differ on the cement company you choose. It excludes labor costs. Without plaster, there can be problems during the finishing process or painting.


  1. Miscellaneous Cost:

Apart from the material cost, there are also many other aspects to consider for an 8 Marla house construction for better estimation and planning. The cost and construction water storage tank comes at the top of the list, estimated to be PKR 40,000. Concrete walls are made by using cement to build this tank.

Other miscellaneous costs include polythene sheets for ceiling waterproofing. It costs up to around PKR 15,000 to PKR 25,000.

  1. Labor Cost

Labor costs depend on the size and complexity of the project, as well as the construction site’s location. It is common practice here that people engage a local contractor who will also provide the necessary labor force. The contractor assumes responsibility for compensating the laborers and sets their fees accordingly.

Always remember to add labor costs while planning the 8 Marla house construction. The labor cost can vary in different areas of Pakistan. According to an estimate, the laborer charges almost 390 per sq. ft. for 8 Marla house construction, including plumbing, wiring, and gas piping. The labor cost will be almost PKR 1,47,200.

Total grey structure construction cost:

The total 8 Marla construction cost of an A-category is 5,701,500 PKR, approximately. These costs do not include finishing costs that come after the plaster phase.

Material Rate (PKR) Quantity Total Cost (PKR)
Bricks 26 88453 22,99,778
Cement 1140 (per bag) 950 bags 1,084,140
Sand 87 (per CFT) 4756 CFT 413,772
Crush 150 (per CFT) 2601CFT 390,150
Ghassu 25 (per CFT) 125,180
Steel 1,3250,000
Grills 150,000
Main Gate 140,000
Plumbing 9,030,000
Electric Wiring 1,980,000
Water Tank 40,000
Water Proofing 250,080
Termite Spray 11,900
Labor Cost 1,472,000
Total Cost 9,055,979

 Several factors can impact the construction cost for the 2023 8 Marla house grey structure, including location, design, materials, labor, and other expenses. You can expect to spend between PKR 80 Lac and PKR 1.5 Crore constructing an 8 Marla house.

Based on standard fabrics and fittings, this estimate is for basic construction. Adding luxurious features or using high-quality materials will increase the price. As the economy goes downwards, prices are not fixed in the market. We can only estimate the range of the construction cost for an 8 Marla house grey structure. You may also save money by choosing simpler designs and standard materials.

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