Commercial Projects of Bahria Town

Commercial Projects of Bahria Town

The commercial projects of Bahria Town are in ever increasing phase owing to the huge potential and demand by the investors and clients. People want to invest in the commercial projects of Bahria Town across Pakistan. Bahria Town Karachi, Bahria Town Lahore, and Bahria Town Rawalpindi offer the best commercial projects for investment in commercial real estate sector of Pakistan.

Commercial Projects of Bahria Town

Bahria Town is featuring a full commercial wave in the commercial plots and commercial plazas for the past few years. New projects are being developed and are immediately being sold out completely due to their great potential in the eyes of the investors. Property dealers from all over Pakistan are also fully participating in helping the clients to purchase/ book/sell their commercial plot or commercial plaza of Bahria Town communities. This is only possible as they can see the potential returns and returns that these commercial projects can offer.

Bahria Town had been regularly introducing new commercial areas to attract potential buyers on progressive rates prevailing in the market.  These commercial projects also have rates that are available in every range. Any investor from different income groups can easily invest in these commercial projects.

Since sale/purchase in Bahria Commercial shops and plaza have been one of the largest avenues for the investors in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi and for overseas investors too, which can be seen over the years, the Bahria Communities in these cities have lots of different commercial projects in areas that help the customers to shop easily.

To facilitate the customers, many commercial projects are present are Jinnah Avenue Commercials, Liberty Commercials, Midway Commercials, commercial in multipurpose buildings like Bahria Heights, and Paragon Towers in Bahria Town Karachi. Bahria Town Lahore also has a number of commercial projects such as commercial markets in each block of every sector. Bahria Town Rawalpindi is also featuring commercial projects in Phase 7such as Business Bay, and Safari Valley/Homes.

The rate and popularity of the above commercials differ from each other considering location, approach, current and future utilization, and of course, the market trend set by the investors and dealers.  But if the value of the commercials is wrongly assessed, then it can create huge hassles for both investors and property dealers. Investors will only lose their one-time savings as the investment they will lose but dealers will lose their reputation and investors will not trust them in the future anymore.

Lack of vision and insufficient information can also make the buyers/investors invest in the wrong commercial project due to attractive marketing campaigns by the builders and dealers. Apart from these points, we’ll discuss the following points:

  • Why Commercial projects are needed in Bahria Town
  • Importance of Commercial projects Bahria Town:
  • Commercial Activities and projects in Bahria Town:

Why Commercial Projects are Needed in Bahria Town:

Bahria Town – a land of vogue and elegance – has the finest homes and commercial areas that you can find in Pakistan, where every unit weaves the contemporary in leisure and let you live the most upbeat lifestyle with serene surroundings. A huge span of green fields, arrays of fruit trees, land embracing blanket of yellow mustard flowers with the sudden contrast of unstructured roads, unavailability of electricity and modern comforts sure have many a times prolonged our want to live in the countryside. It has always been an issue of selecting between our modern and demanding lifestyles and therefore the goodness of the natural bounties. Bahria Town is that serene land bringing our dreams to reality.

The entrance of Bahria Town in all the cities winds itself through a pleasant landscaped park. A cool and calm breeze consistently urges and embraces your mind and soul and invites you to savor the gentleness of nature. Bahria Town is designed in such a way that this society is snuggled into natural green residential spheres. Each sphere shares high-end facilities and miles of jogging and biking tracks. A Golf and club will offer riding stables and a spectacular eighteen-hole championship golf links. Therefore for all the proper reasons and seasons, Bahria Town is the best choice for living a life that’s nurtured naturally itself.

Importance of Commercial Projects Bahria Town:

Due to the luxurious and comfortable lifestyle that Bahria Town offers, many people are opting for this society for residential purposes. Launched in 2014, Bahria Town is the home to more than a half a million population in every city combined.

Income Potential:

The investment in commercial sector (shops and plazas) is known for greater returns than the investment in residential sector. Depending on the location, commercial shops and plazas usually generate 7%-13% more than the investment in the residential sector. This income is also safe and secure like the other sector but has more potential for the ROI.

Catering the Residents:

This residential population also has the basic needs in which commercial sector comes at the top of the list. People prefer to live in an area where they can easily access the commercial shops too. Bahria Town is always known for comforting the residents in all aspects. Due to this huge demand by the residents, many commercial projects are launched in Bahria Town that are in different phases of development.  Many more projects are being launched that make Bahria Town “a city within the city”.

The residents can easily access these commercial sectors and are facilitating them in not to go across to the city center just to buy the basic needs of life. Not just the residents but the people outside Bahria Town are also welcomed with great warmth in the commercial projects of the society. Everyone can easily and equally benefit for the commercial sector of Bahria Town.

New Businesses:

These commercial projects are best for the people who want to open up their new businesses in this society. The commercial shops and commercial plazas are gaining a lot of attention and can easily gain new customers.  This can easily benefit the business owners into having huge returns.

Employment Generation:

Bahria Town commercial plots and commercial plazas are generating lots of employment opportunities that are helping lots of people generate money to feed themselves and their families. Increase in employment also uplifts the living standards of the employees. They can easily afford the things they want with in their economic range. This positive aspect of employment generation also helps in making the economy stable.

We can see how commercial shops and plazas in just Bahria Town can create such positive impact.

Increased Value of the Area:

Commercial shops in Bahria Town have always increased the worth of the area they are located in. For example, the commercial zone of Sector C, Bahria Town Lahore is more worthy than the Sector C residential blocks. New businesses always increase the worth as they fulfill the needs of people living in the community.

This tells how important the commercial projects and the sector for the Bahria Town are.

Commercial Activities and Projects in Bahria Town:

Bahria Town has the following commercial areas which have been sold out by Bahria in different cities. These commercial projects contain commercial shops for different purposes such as shops, offices, Banks, restaurants, hotels, cinemas, grocery stores, Fuel stations etc. that cover all the basic to luxurious needs.

Bahria Town Karachi:

Bahria Town Karachi features many different commercial projects where all the needs and wants can be fulfilled easily by the customers. From simple clothes to the offices for corporates are available in commercial projects of Bahria Karachi. Some of the commercial projects are

  • Midway Commercial
  • Liberty Commercials
  • Jinnah Avenue Commercial
  • Bahria Town Tower
  • Opal 225
  • Hoshang Pearl
  • Bahria Town Icon
  • Commercials of Multipurpose buildings like Bahria Heights
Daily Updated Bahria Town Karachi Rates – Updated Prices of Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town/Bahria Orchard Lahore:

Bahria Town Lahore also has many great commercial projects as listed below. Once can find anything these commercial projects in any affordability range. These commercial are being developed on a fast pace to facilitate the customers as soon as possible. Some of the commercial projects are

Daily Updated Bahria Town Lahore Rates – Updated Prices of Bahria Town Lahore

Bahria Town Islamabad/Rawalpindi

Like Karachi and Lahore, Bahria Town Rawalpindi is also greatly acknowledged for its commercial projects greatly facilitating the customers and residents. Some of the commercial projects are

  • Bahria Expressway Safari 2 Commercial Complex.
  • River View Commercial Phase 7
  • Midway Commercial Phase 7
  • Mini Commercial Phase 7
  • Mini Commercial Extension Phase 7
  • Spring North Commercial Area
  • Business Bay Commercial Areas(DHAI)
  • Safari Homes Commercial Areas(LINEAR)
  • Safari Valley Commercial Areas(HUB)
  • Centre Point Commercial Japan Road
  • Rafi Block Commercial
  • Business Ave

Bahria Town has done excellently well in developing these commercials and many of these commercial projects are creating business activities that are producing returns not just in monetary form but also in other forms too. Many world-famous brands are opening up in these commercials projects at a fast speed.

To Book your commercial plot or any other commercial property, contact Pakistan Property Services or visit our YouTube Channel, we provide genuine and honest consultations to its clients. We are the authorized dealers for Bahria Town that makes us even more worthy of your trust and time.

Booking of commercials in Bahria Town are available with Pakistan Property Services. Contact us as soon as possible to avail the golden opportunities here.

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