Affordable Commercial Plots in Talha Block Bahria Town Lahore New Deal

Affordable Commercial Plots in Talha Block Bahria Town Lahore New Deal

New deal of Commercials in Talha Block in Sector E is announced by the Bahria Town Lahore featuring 85 limited commercial plots. This deal features commercial shops of 5 Marla in Talha Block. This deal contains open forms which mean no transfer fee will be required.

New Deal of Commercial Plots in Talha Block Bahria Town Lahore

Talha Block is the home to the modern infrastructure and known for its quick and luxurious development. Due to this the population in this block is increasing to a huge extent. As the population increases, the residents of the area demand for commercial sector in a nearby area from where they can easily shop for their daily needs and requirements.

To fulfill this purpose, Bahria Town’s management has launched new deal of commercials to facilitate the residents as much as possible. These commercials are ready for possession and construction can be started right away.

Talha Block Sector E Bahria Town Lahore – Location, Development, Features & Payment Plan


Talha Block is ideally located in the Sector E of Bahria Town Lahore. Talha Block is located near the Nishtar Block after crossing Eiffel Tower on the Main Boulevard of the society. These commercials are easily accessible from all sides and the neighboring blocks of Talha Block.

Talha Block has two easy entrances. One from the main gate of Bahria Town Lahore and the second is from Overseas B Block from Canal Road. Pakistan First International Standard Theme Park, Eiffel Tower, and the Grand Jamia Mosque of Bahria Town are the easily accessible places and are the top attractions that make this block an outstanding place to invest and reside.

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Layout Plan:

The commercials of Talha block are limited in number. These commercials can be invested in to start new businesses or to expanding the existing businesses. Grocery shops, offices, banks, apartment, restaurants, multipurpose buildings, and pharmacies etc. are always needed in the residential areas. These businesses can be established in Talha Block which has already a great demand for commercial shops.

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Construction can be done to almost 70 ft. heighted featuring basement, ground floor, 1st floor to 6th floor almost.

Features and Amenities:

Talha Block of Bahria Town Sector E is featuring world class latest and advanced facilities that make the lifestyle here unique and comfortable. These amenities are the main reason why residents want to reside here. This block is featuring

  • Gated Community
  • Security and CCTV Surveillance
  • Extensive and carpeted road structure
  • All basic and civic amenities (water supply, electricity, sewerage system etc.)
  • Commercial Areas
  • Access to Ring Road

Payment Plan:

The payment plan of Talha Block is quite easy and convenient.  The commercial plots of new deal range from PKR 15,500,000 to PKR 16,500,000. The prices differ because of the location of the plots. Extra premium will be charged for the Corner plots, Park facing and the Main Boulevard plots. Corner plots are being demanded above PKR 20,000,000 in the market.

Talha Block Commercial-Size Minimum (PKR) Maximum (PKR)
5 Marla 15,500,000 16,500,000

Development Status:

The development in Talha Block is fast paced. Houses are in different stages of construction. Many houses are ready to be moved in while some are in grey structure. Possession has been announced due to which the development has picked up a pace. The parks, managed by the Bahria’s authority, are operational now.

There is no lane or street in this block which has not any growth in the development. That’s why businesses here can expand to a great extent. Investing in commercials in a populated area is always a good idea.

Investment Scope for Talha Block:

Talha Block is being considered as the favorite block of the residents and investors as the construction here is a quick paced development. The construction here is of modern infrastructure. The commercials in this block are highly demanded after seeing the wonderful response by the development in residential area.

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Investors and residents can confidently invest in these plots for investment purpose as the commercial properties can help the clients gain more ROI and high income than the residential properties. The commercials of different blocks of Bahria Town launched in last year are now double to triple of the original prices. Prices of Talha Block commercials are also expected to increase to a great extent soon. Investment here is considered as a golden opportunity.

The location of the commercial plots of both categories is much idealized, with really attractive payment plan. Not only will these commercial shops serve the residents of the Talha Block but also the neighboring blocks such as Nishtar Block, Ghaznavi Block etc. The investors are advised to make a timely investment in these plots to avail the golden opportunity to invest here.

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The investors have the choice to establish their own business or rent them out or sell them to gain profits. This will also create a stable income and high ROI. The prices are expected to surge in the future so book your plot before that.

The commercials of other blocks are already sold out or if are available, the plots are quite expensive. But the Talha Block Commercials are very low priced as compared to them and will need less investment. Investors should definitely invest in the Talha Block commercial sector.

It’s a perfect and golden investment opportunity and it is one of the best housing societies of Bahria Town Lahore to invest. Investors can easily gain a high ROI after investing a small amount in these commercials.

For booking a commercial property in Talha Block Sector E in Bahria Town Lahore, contact Pakistan Property Services. We provide you better and genuine consultations for your real estate matters. For further information, you can also visit our YouTube channel to gain the knowledge about the new and ongoing trends of real estate sector of Pakistan.

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