Best Precincts for 125 Sq. Yards in Bahria Town Karachi

Best Precincts for 125 Sq. Yards

Bahria Town – a land of vogue and elegance – has the finest and best residential plots, Bahria Homes and commercial areas of 125 sq. yards that you can find in Pakistan, where every unit weaves the contemporary in leisure and let you live the most upbeat lifestyle with serene surroundings.

Bahria Town Karachi is an astonishing gated society, which offers state of the art lifestyle, with the most eminent luxury and several amenities. Bahria Town is considered the benchmark and the most famous real estate society all over Pakistan. Bahria Town’s lifestyle has no competitor all over Pakistan. Due to which people from all over the country are showing great interest in its various projects and its housing community.

Bahria Town is providing all the latest and contemporary ways of living infused with the calm, composed, and relaxing place to make your future home. Bahria Town is snuggled into natural green spheres. A cool and calm breeze consistently urges and embraces your mind and soul and invites you to savor the gentleness of nature.

Bahria Town Karachi is a beautiful real estate project with lush green grass and a serene environment. Living in Bahria Town Karachi is a dream comes true. Every day you wake up to the peaceful and untroubled morning and look up to the lush green spaces in Bahria Town. Bahria Town Karachi is the new name of exemplary luxury living.

Daily Updated Bahria Town Karachi Rates – Updated Prices of Bahria Town Karachi

There are fully developed residential and commercial plots of 125 sq. yards available for you to create your own dream home or a commercial property. For all the proper reasons and seasons, Bahria Town Karachi is your choice for living a life that’s nurtured naturally itself.

You only need to pay a very budget-friendly amount for this type of luxurious life. A little payment with easy installments and this dream life could be yours.

Precincts of 125 Sq. Yards Plots – Residential plots:

The residential plots of 125 sq. yards in Bahria Town are situated in various precincts. The payment plan for residential plots in Bahria Town of 125 sq. yards is full payment at one time due to its easily affordable rates. This payment plan is quite easy and convenient for the clients while investing.

The total price of 125 sq. yards plot ranges from PKR 750,000 to PKR 6,500,000 at the moment. This variation in prices is due to the precincts and their location and available amenities in which the plots are present. The Precincts which feature the residential plots of 125 Sq. Yards are given below along with their prices.

125 Sq. Yards Residential plots

Area Min. Price (PKR) Max. Price (PKR)
Precinct 10 B 24 Lac 34 Lac
Precinct 11 B 21 Lac 30 Lac
Precinct 12- Ali Block 34 Lac 65 Lac
Precinct 14 31 Lac 41 Lac
Precinct 15 29 Lac 40 Lac
Precinct 15 A 18 Lac 28 Lac
Precinct 15 B 15 Lac 21 Lac
Precinct 23 13 Lac 17 Lac
Precinct 25 15 Lac 20 Lac
Precinct 26 13 Lac Refundable too 13 Lac Refundable too
Precinct 26 A 15 Lac 20 Lac
Precinct 27 18 Lac 40 Lac
Precinct 28 12 Lac 30 Lac
Precinct 31 16 Lac 26 Lac
Precinct 29 A, B, C, D 8.5 Lac 9.5 Lac
Precinct 32 A, B, C, 8.5 Lac 9.5 Lac
Precinct 33 A, B, C, D 7.5 Lac 10 Lac
Valley Block A, B, C 7.5 Lac 10 Lac
Precinct 61, 62 9 Lac 10 Lac

Bahria Homes:

Bahria Homes are ideally located in Precinct 10 A villas, Precinct 11 A villas, Precinct 11 B Villas, Precinct 31 and Precinct 27. The payment plan for residential plots in Bahria Homes of 125 Sq. Yards is also quarterly installments based for 4 years. The installment plan features 16 installments that are quite easy and convenient for the clients for investment.

The total price of 125 Sq. Yards plot is PKR 4,200,000/- at the moment, with a quarterly installment of PKR 206,000/- The Down Payment is PKR 420,000 for the Bahria Homes residential plots of 125 Sq. Yards.

125 Sq. Yards Bahria Homes

Area Min. Price Max. price
Precinct 23 A 36 Lac 38 Lac


Bahria Homes Payment Plan

Plot Total Price


Down Payment


Quarter Installment x16




Transfer Fee (PKR)
125 Sq. Yd. IHO 4,200,000 420,000 206,000 500,000 39,500
125 Sq. Yd. BTK 4,200,000 420,000 228,000 150,000 39,500
125 Sq. Yd. Tower 4,200,000 420,000 219,000 300,000 39,500

Commercial Plots:

The commercial plots in Bahria Town Karachi spanning over the area of 125 sq. Yards are present in Midway Commercials and in different precincts. The total price of 125 Sq. Yards plot ranges from PKR 9,500,000 to PKR 43,500,000. These properties have the payment plan of onetime payment at the spot.

125 Sq. Yards Commercial plots

Area Min. Price (PKR) Max. Price (PKR)
Midway Commercial 2.5 Crore 4.3 Crore
Old Commercial 10A 95 Lac 220 Lac
Precinct 10 1 crore 3.25 crore

The prices can vary for corner plots, park facing plot, and the plots near the main boulevard. But overall, the prices are budget-friendly and worth the investment.

Investors have a wide variety of properties, from residential plots to commercial plots, from Bahria Homes to Bahria Apartments. All the above mentioned properties are quite profitable and many investors want to invest in these properties to earn high ROI and stable rental income.

Investment in Bahria Town Karachi is a wonderful opportunity desired by the investors due to its immense potential. A huge area of Bahria Town Karachi has been developed by residential properties due to which the demand for commercial areas is increasing. To capture this increasing demand, investors have a wonderful opportunity for investing here.

Daily Updated Bahria Town Lahore Rates – Updated Prices of Bahria Town Lahore

The prices here are ever increasing which is a good thing for the investors that their investment is multiplying every day and they can also gain profit on their profit.

So investing in Bahria Town Karachi right now is most beneficial due to its economical prices and the clients can acquire the profit as the prices rise once again.

You can book any attractive property in Bahria Town Karachi with the consultation of Pakistan Property services. We provide honest consultation to our clients. You can contact us for further details or visit our YouTube Channel.

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