Villas in Bahria Town Karachi – Latest Prices, Investment Scope, Payment Plan and Booking Details

Villas in Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi was initially launched in 2014 and in only 6-7 years it is already a “city within a city” which is a living community with thousands of residents, enjoying an enviable lifestyle not available anywhere else in Pakistan. Bahria Town is considered the benchmark and the most prestigious real estate society all over Pakistan. Bahria Town Karachi villas, include 125 sq. yard, 200 sq. yard, 235 sq. yard, 250 sq. yard, and 500 sq. yard.

Bahria Town Karachi Villas 

Bahria Town Karachi is said to be the future of Pakistan. This society offers different sizes of residential plots, villas, commercial plots, apartments, offices etc. of different sizes in different locations in a very budge friendly price range.

Daily Updated Bahria Town Lahore Rates – Updated Prices of Bahria Town Lahore

The villas of Bahria Town  which include 125 sq. yard, 200 sq. yard, 235 sq. yard, 250 sq. yard, and 500 sq. yard. These villas include the Bahria Homes, Residential Villas, Sports city villas and paradise villas located in the different precincts of Bahria Town Karachi.

Daily Updated Bahria Nasheman Lahore Rates – Updated Prices of Bahria Nasheman Lahore

These villas are the ready-made villas are best for the people who want to move into Bahria Town without the hassles of construction of their dream homes. The villas of Bahria Town available on one time full payment and the prices of a few precincts villas are even refundable which are quite charming and a golden opportunity for the buyers. These villas are ideally located and good to choose from for residence and investment purposes in Bahria Town Karachi. Buying these Villas can be more valuable than other alternatives available in Karachi.

The updated payment plan of the villas of Bahria town in different precincts is discussed below.

Updated payment plan of the villas of Bahria Town Karachi
PrecinctType AreaMinimum Price (PKR)Maximum Price (PKR)
       Precinct 1Residential Villa200 sq. yards280 Lac370 Lac
Precinct 2

Quaid Villa

Residential Villa200 sq. yards210 Lac260 Lac
Precinct 2

Iqbal villa

Residential Villa150 sq. yards165 Lac190 Lac
Precinct 10ABahria Homes200 sq. yards180 Lac215 Lac
Precinct 11ABahria Homes200 sq. yards160 Lac200 Lac
Precinct 11BBahria Homes125 sq. yards130 Lac150 Lac
Precinct 23ABahria Home125 sq. yards46 Lac48 Lac Refundable
Precinct 23ABahria Home200 sq. yards40 Lac


43 Lac  Refundable
Precinct 27Bahria Home125 sq. yards50 Lac165 Lac
Precinct 27Bahria Home200 sq. yards80 Lac175 Lac
Precinct 27Home235 sq. yards150 Lac185 Lac
Precinct 31Residential Villa235 sq. yards115 Lac145 Lac
Precinct 34

Precinct 35

Sports city villas350 sq. yards165 Lac250 Lac
Precinct 51Paradise villa500 sq. yards villa285 lac380 lac

 Investment scope of the villas of Bahria Town Karachi

Investing in the villas here is one of the top investment opportunities in Bahria Town Karachi. The demand for these villas is very high. Being limited in numbers, the prices of the villas here are increasing rapidly.

Daily Updated Bahria EMC Lahore Rates – Updated Prices of Bahria EMC Lahore

Bahria Town Karachi holds significant value in the master plan of the housing society. Residents can buy a villa for a peaceful and serene lifestyle and investors can also consider these villas for small investment that gives stable and equal rental income in a short time.

All the above mentioned properties are quite profitable and many investors want to invest in these properties to earn high ROI and stable rental income. Investment in Bahria Town Karachi villas is a wonderful opportunity desired by the investors due to its immense potential. A huge area of Bahria Town Karachi has been developed by residential properties due to which the demand for commercial areas is increasing. To capture this increasing demand, investors have a wonderful opportunity for investing here.

Daily Updated Bahria Town Karachi Rates – Updated Prices of Bahria Town Karachi

The prices of these villas are ever increasing which is a good thing for the investors that their investment is multiplying every day and they can also gain profit on their profit.

So investing in Bahria Town Karachi villas right now is most beneficial due to its economical prices and the clients can acquire the profit as the prices rise once again.

You can book any attractive property in Bahria Town Karachi with the consultation of Pakistan Property Services. We provide honest consultation to our clients as the authorized agents of Bahria Town. You can contact us for further details or visit our YouTube Channel.

Projects We Deal In:

Many residential and commercial societies in Pakistan are evaluated carefully to help our clients make the most better decision. Pakistan Property Services helps the clients invest in projects with good prospects that depend upon the parent company, developers, location, payment plan, amenities they can have in the desired project.


Lahore is the cultural and economic hub as well as the provincial capital of Punjab. The city is well known for its huge economic opportunities in different sectors. People come from different areas to grab these opportunities and have a residence here. Below the list of some of the top Projects in Lahore:


Bahria Town Karachi is a benchmark within the landscape of Karachi with its world-class excellent-planned society. This society is sketched with an area concept to supply outstanding lifestyle facilities to its residents and can introduce new benchmarks of community development in Karachi. Below the list of some of the top Projects in Karachi:


We can see that the Pakistan Real Estate Forecast 2021 suggests investing more in this market as it promises a huge profit in the coming future. The investors should purchase the properties at a low rate so that they can earn more by selling it once the rates are good enough.

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