Bahria Orchard Phase 4 – Investment VS Residence Analysis

Importance of Bahria Orchard Lahore Phase 4 is increasing for investment in the near future as the population is increasing here as well as the commercial activities. More than 5 mega commercial projects have been launched here, making Phase 4 as a commercial hub for the whole Bahria Orchard Lahore.

Bahria Orchard Phase 4 – Investment VS Residence Analysis

Bahria Orchard Phase 4 Commercial Hub is designed to provide a modern and convenient retail space for local businesses and residents of both Bahria Orchard and Raiwind Road. Bahria Orchard Phase 4 Commercial Hub features modern infrastructure, ample parking space, and other facilities to support business activities. It is expected to be a hub for local commerce, providing various services and amenities to residents of Bahria Orchard and surrounding areas.

Bahria Orchard Phase 4 offers multiple commercial projects and businesses in an area, making it a commercial hub. Bahria Orchard Phase 4 Commercial Hub includes commercial shops, offices, and other commercial spaces like branded shops, food courts, and office spaces. These commercial projects are multipurpose buildings and include residential apartments and penthouses along with commercial projects like offices, retail shops, and showrooms in the same building.

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Investors always prefer to invest in commercial projects than the residential projects as there is greater margin of the profits and a greater rental income is generated by commercial investment. Let’s discuss some of these projects that increase the importance of Bahria Orchard Lahore Phase 4 for investment in the near future, which are

  • Times Square Mall
  • SQ Mall
  • Bahria Sky
  • Orchard Mall
  • Arabian 99 Mall
  • Q-Central Grand Mall and Residences

All of these projects are at different stages of development and soon will be operational.

Time Square Mall

Times Square Mall presents high-end modern apartments, office spaces, and commercial shops for sale at affordable prices. Times Square Mall guarantees to offer beautiful and luxurious commercial and residences with high-class comforts and facilities under the same roof. Times Square Mall is a remarkable addition in Bahria Orchard Phase 4 Commercial Hub with covered area of over 13 to 14 Kanal.

Time Square Mall offers world-class facilities and amenities to ensure a quality lifestyle among its residents. Times Square Mall offers conveniences and amenities on par with international commercial and residential outlines.


Time Square Mall is the remarkable project of Sheranwala Group, who has presented extraordinary and multipurpose real estate options and profitable investment opportunities over the years. Sheranwala Group has proven itself to be a growing business and setting high standards for the real estate sector of Pakistan. Since its inception, the group has presented different state-of-art projects in the real estate market and now Cosmetic Planet in Times Square Mall is going to be a remarkable addition to their portfolio.


Square Mall is going to have a contemporary and modern architecture and a lavish interior all over its building. Commercial shops are present on the basement, ground floor and first floor. These are going to be branded retail shops. The second floor is specifically designed for office spaces. Times Square Mall consists of one bed, two bed residential apartments, and penthouses.


Square Mall has been developed till 5th floor in a small period of time. The remaining development is being done on a very fast pace. There are workers and machinery deployed around the clock to complete the project as soon as possible.

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The high class facilities and comforts also make it high in return and profits for the investors. Times Square Mall provides a safe and secure environment while providing utmost privacy to its residents. Times Square Mall offers different facilities that any housing or investing property offers. The commercial and residential properties in Times Square Mall are available on a reasonable payment plan.

SQ Mall

SQ Mall is going to be the new commercial and residential space under one roof in Phase 4 Bahria Orchard Lahore. SQ Mall provides you with many diverse options, from the expensive most to the cheapest one, all with amazing quality. SQ Mall can cater to different income groups, from the need for branded clothes to small shops and from penthouses to small sized residential apartments for matching for low-income customers.

As the project is new, the layout plan and payment plan has been launched recently. Now investors can easily check in which unit to invest and how much will be required for the investment.

SQ Mall is going to be the multi-purpose project by the developers that is also a vertical project.


SQ Mall is the project of Ali Saqlain Estate & Builders. This group of builders is the first investment and development group to launch a unique project especially just for the clothing shops in Bahria Orchard Lahore. Due to the reliable name of developers, many investors are already looking for investment options in SQ Mall.


SQ Mall is ideally located in Phase 4 Bahria Orchard Lahore. Phase 4 is situated on the main entrance of Bahria Orchard Lahore on Main Raiwind Road Lahore and is a completely developed phase.

Layout plan:

SQ Mall features both residential and commercial sector for investment. The building of SQ Mall features Lower Ground floor, Ground floor, 1st floor to 8th floor. Lower Ground floor, Ground Floor, 1st floor to 4th floor features commercial shops of various sizes and layouts. Fourth floor also feature the food courts.

Residential apartments of 1 bed, 2 bed, and 3 bed are available from 5th floor to 8th floor.

Floor Wise plan:

  • 82 commercial shops are present on Lower Ground floor
  • 22 commercial shops are present on Ground floor and 50’ wide parking lot is also present on ground floor level
  • 1st floor and 3rd floor have same layout and both features more than 70 commercial shops
  • 2nd floor features 68 commercial shops
  • 4th floor is featuring 50 general commercial shops and two shops especially reserved for kids shop and gaming zone. 4th floor also features food courts.
  • 5Th floor to 8th floor is featuring 47 residential apartments

Payment plan:

SQ Mall is offering both residential and commercial properties at a very reasonable and economical rates. The investors can invest here easily in 36 Monthly The payment plan for all the properties is 25% down payment, 15% possession payment and the balance in 36 Monthly installments.

SQ Mall is expected to offer the highest ROI with the shortest payback period in Bahria Orchard Lahore as the business of this project is the very basic need of everyone. Residential units will attract the commercial needs of the residents. Due to this fact, businesses here are expected to flourish in 2-3 years when the building of SQ Mall will be developed.

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With easy and economic payment plans, SQ Mall has a great potential for monthly rentals from premium national and international brands.

SQ Mall is a perfect investment option for small scale investment and is a masterpiece as it features all those qualities of a world-class shopping center.

Bahria Sky

Bahria Sky will be a 200 ft. tall multi-purpose project offering both residential project like apartments and commercial projects like commercial shops and offices. Bahria Sky is completely equipped with international standard and state of the art amenities and mesmerizing features that are very rarely found. The international standard architects and designers have designed Bahria Sky with a unique atrium look. Atrium look means that several floors will have one roof. This will enhance the beauty and ambiance of this project.

The mega structure of Bahria Sky is designed to be a 200 ft. skyscraper and will be the tallest-mega development project in the vicinity of Bahria Orchard Lahore, spanning on the wide area of 7.5 Kanal. This will be the first project ever in the history of Bahria Town and Bahria Orchard that a project is approved for this height. Previously, the tallest buildings were of 130 ft. in height. This fact makes Bahria Sky a unique project among other real estate projects in all Bahria projects.

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Due to the huge height, Bahria Sky looks down upon the picturesque views of Bahria Orchard Lahore. The development of Bahria Sky has started and is fast paced. The construction process includes tower crane construction and automated concrete pouring for faster results.


Bahria Sky is the project of Abdullah Bin Subayyal Developers or commonly known as ABS Developers and OZ Developers. ABS Developers have a great history of working with Bahria Town projects. They are the developers of Bahria Shopping District, ABS Mall and Residency and Pearl One Eiffel. They are very well-reputed developers among the investors as they deliver the projects on time and their projects give huge returns.

OZ Developers is an international group with its involvement in various sectors including real estate. Bahria Sky will be their first Pakistani real estate project.


Bahria Sky is ideally located on the Plot No. 3, 4, 5 in G2 Block on the Main Entrance Bahria Orchard Phase 4 on Main Raiwind road Lahore. Bahria Sky is located on the Central Avenue and is located in the close vicinity of many great projects like SQ Mall, Athar Mall and Residencies, Arabian 99 Mall, Q Bazar, Times Square Mall and Residencia, and Orchard Mall.

Layout Plan:

Bahria Sky is spanning on 3 commercial plots on Central Avenue which make 7.5 Kanal as the total area for this project. The building of this project will include basement plus 15 floors. Bahria Sky offers both residential and commercial properties in its layout. The residential properties include residential apartments and luxury penthouses. In the residential sector, Bahria sky offers

  • Residential apartments of 1,2,3 Bedroom
  • Luxury penthouses of 2,3,4 Bed

In the commercial sector, Bahria Sky offers

  • Branded Outlets
  • Food Court Outlets
  • Corporate Offices
  • Tech & IT Zone Outlets

Total 450 residential apartments and luxury penthouses and 200 commercial shops are available here.

Floor-wise plan:

  • Basement is dedicated for parking space of 250 cars at a single time
  • Ground Floor includes commercial shops facing Main Boulevard, facing 60 ft. boulevard, and standard size shops of 325 sq. ft.
  • 1st floor is Sky Mall Outlets includes branded outlets of 250 sq. ft. in size.
  • 2nd floor also known as Sky Food Court includes food court of 250 sq. ft.
  • 3rd floor also known as Sky Healthcare Hub includes Offices of 250 sq. ft.

Payment Plan:

Bahria Sky is going to feature the economical and budget friendly payment plan of 40 Monthly installments in which investors can easily invest in this project. The commercial payment plan is based on down payment, 40 monthly instalments, 7 half-yearly installment and payment at possession. 10% category charges will also be applied on category properties.

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Bahria Sky is an ideal and golden opportunity for investment in Bahria Orchard Lahore. This project is an ideal investment opportunity in both commercial and residential sector. The modern facilities, ideal location, trustworthy developers, and easy payment plan, all these points of Bahria Sky are very reliable and attracts the investors.

Orchard Mall

Orchard Mall Bahria Orchard Lahore Phase 4 is a commercial and retail complex located in the Bahria Orchard Lahore Phase 4 housing project in Lahore, Pakistan. It is a modern shopping mall that offers a wide range of shopping, dining, and entertainment options to residents and visitors.

Orchard mall features a variety of retail stores, including local and international brands, as well as a food court with a range of dining options. It includes a branded supermarket, Wedding Arena, Kids’ Arena, and IT Market. Orchard Mall is a popular destination for families and young adults.

Orchard Mall is the first operational mall of Bahria Orchard Phase 4 Commercial Hub. The development is still going on to fully complete the project on time.


Orchard Mall is the wonderful project of Q-Link Developers. These are the well-reputed developers known for excellency, quality, and sophistication in their work. They have already presented and delivered a number of successful projects among which Jasmine Grand Mall, Q-Central, Q Street etc. They work in both residential and commercial projects.

Layout plan:

Orchard Mall features basement, ground, first to fourth floors in the layout right now. All its floors are featuring a unique theme making this mall a hub where you can get everything under one roof. Floor wise plan is given below.

  • Basement: Premium Aslam Supermarket
  • First Floor: Wedding Arena
  • Second Floor: Kids Arena
  • Third Floor: IT Market
  • Fourth Floor: Luxury Hotel Apartments

So with all these amenities and facilities right at your doorstep, you don’t have to go to any long distances to fulfill your needs. Bahria Orchard Phase 4 is a Commercial Hub that provides great opportunity to gain huge profits.

Arabian 99 Mall

Arabian 99 Mall is the new multi-purpose project emerging in Phase 4 G2 Block in Bahria Orchard Lahore. Arabian 99 Mall is the first Arabian themed project in real estate sector of Lahore. Arabian 99 Mall is a commercial project of Ali Saqlain Estate & Builders who have already successfully delivered some of the best projects in Bahria projects in both Lahore and Karachi. Al- Mannan Real Estate and Builders will be developing the wonderful project of Arabian Mall 99. Any business can enjoy a great location in main Boulevard of Phase 4 Bahria Orchard Lahore.

Arabian 99 Mall has become the center of attention in Bahria Orchard Lahore, in just a short time. Arabian 99 Mall is offering apartment and shops for sale in Bahria Orchard Lahore. It is a great place to start your business to attract millions of residents as well as daily workers and employees working in the commerce and trade centers of Bahria Orchard Lahore.

The mall overlooks the beautiful views of Main Boulevard of Phase 4. This mall offers a prime location, a spectacular picturesque lake view, and an amazing food court to help people get the facilities they want. Many great projects of Phase 4 like Times Square Mall and Residencia are located in front of Arabian Mall 99.


Arabian 99 Mall is ideally located on the Main commercials of G2 block Phase 4 Bahria Orchard Lahore. Phase 4 Bahria Orchard Lahore is located on the main Raiwind road near Thokar Niaz Baig Interchange. Arabian 99 Mall is going to be located on the right side near the main entrance of Phase 4 on Plot no. 6.

Times Square Mall and Residencia is located opposite Arabian 99 Mall.

Layout Plan:

Arabian 99 Mall is located on Plot no. 6 in the main commercials of G2 Block of Phase 4. This plot is of 4 Kanal on which 2.5 Kanal is covered. The layout plan of Arabian Mall is of Basement, ground plus 7 floors. The commercial shops are featured on basement to third floor while the rest of the plan is featuring residential apartments. Arabian 99 Mall also features luxury offices and food court area in the commercial area.

The commercial shops are located on basement, ground floor, first floor and second floor that have a gross area of 130 sq. ft. to 150sq. ft. While the apartments and penthouses are available with the layout of 1 bedroom and 2 bed with different sizes ranging from 424 sq. ft. to 1410 sq. ft. All these properties are highly demanded and are according to investors choices.

Payment Plan:

Arabian 99 Mall is featuring the payment plan with installments that make it even easier to invest here for the investors. The payment plan includes 10% Down Payment, digging 10% (start of work), 10% on possession, and the balance in 36 monthly installments.

Arabian 99 Mall is a wonderful opportunity for people to invest money to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. It will be a prudent decision as it offers a host of benefits. 36 monthly installment plans are available for the investment to make the process much easier.

Q-Central Grand Mall and Residences

Q-Central Grand Mall and Residences is going to be the biggest shopping mall in Bahria Orchard Lahore. Q-Central Grand Mall and Residences is offering seven main features shop, own, dine, play, live, rent, grow. The payment plan is made budget friendly to the investors so that they can easily invest here without finishing up their savings.

Q-Central Grand Mall and Residences is designed to attract the investors for growth, business and income opportunities. All these features describe the potentials that are locked away in Q-Central Grand Mall and Residences and are now ready to be unlocked.

Q-Central Grand Mall and Residences will be highest skyscraper of Bahria Orchard Lahore with more than 20 floors. Q-Central Grand Mall and Residences will be the highest building on the entire Raiwind Road. It will be a multi-purpose project offering both residential apartments, pent houses and commercial shops. This project will be free from transfer fees and investors can save a huge sum of money in this way.

Top-Notch Developers:

The main reason for investing in this new deal is that it is being developed by Q-Links developers. They have already delivered and are delivering several projects with Bahria Town Lahore. Investors trust them and are ready to invest in them again. Q-Links Developers is the name built on providing modern infrastructure and profits simultaneously. It is also a good opportunity if you want to invest with Q-links Developers for a long time but could not do so for any reason. Now is a great time to stay alert and wait for the project.


Q-Central Grand Mall and Residences is ideally located in the Eastern Block Phase 1 Bahria Orchard Lahore. It is located on the Main Boulevard of Eastern Block, which is the commercial hub of this block. You can easily access q-Central Grand Mall and Residences through Gate no. 2 on the right side of Raiwind Road Lahore. It is located near Bahria’s Grand Mosque and Bahria International Hospital.

Near-By Places:

  • 4 km drive away from Ada plot
  • 5 min drive away from Ring Road Lahore

Layout plan:

Q-Central Grand Mall and Residences will have 26 floors with three underground parking. Each floor is designed in a specific way where shops of a similar kind will be grouped for the shopping ease. Land of 900,000 plus sq. ft. has been bought by Q-Links Developers for the development of this project. The detail of each floor is as follows.

Basement: 3 floors of the basement are present.

  • B1 for Aslam Supermarket + parking
  • B2 for parking
  • B3 for parking

 Ground Floor: 73 shops are present for Brands named Brand Central

  • 37 commercial shops
  • 36 showrooms

1st floor: 73 shops are present for Brands called Brand Central

  • 37 commercial shops
  • 36 showrooms

2nd floor: 94 shops are present for Wedding Central

  • 71 commercial shops
  • 23 showrooms

3rd floor: 94 shops are present for Kids Central

  • 71 commercial shops
  • 23 showrooms

4th floor: 94 shops are present for Digital & Mobile Central

  • 71 commercial shops
  • 23 showrooms

5th floor: 94 shops are present for Décor & furniture Central

  • 71 commercial shops
  • 23 showrooms

6th floor: Co-working Spaces, Businesses offices and Q-Collab

7th floor: Food Court, Play area, Bowling Alley, Snooker

8th floor: Services floor (Not for sale)

9th floor: Q-Club (Event Hall, Gym, pool, spa, indoor & outdoor event space)

Many of these commercial shops are already sold out.

Payment plan:

Q-Central Grand Mall and Residences has the most economical and affordable payment plan, which will be lightweight on the investors’ pockets. The payment plan is offered in instalments so that payment can be easy for investors. The payment plan includes 5% at booking, payment at confirmation, 48 monthly instalments and payment on possession.

Q-Links Developers consistently deliver projects which give guaranteed rental returns. The shops can be invested in and then offered for leases as a source of easy income. Even if there is some difficulty, Q-Links Developers will always accommodate the investors.

This project is guaranteed to provide more returns than any other project as two giants of real estate, Bahria Town and Q-Links Developers, are developing this project.

The high returns make the whole project very prospective to invest in especially for Overseas citizens. Q-Links is selling this project on a first-come, first-served basis, and many options are sold out. In this way, investors can get more choices at low rates. So, the investors will have to stay ready to invest here as soon as the project is launched.

With so many projects at one place, the value of that area is bound to increase. This commercial hub offers facilities to people of Bahria Orchard Lahore and outsiders too.

You can contact Pakistan Property Services to book any property in any of the above projects. We provide better consultations for your real estate matters as the authorized dealers of Bahria Town and Etihad Town projects. For further information, you can call on +92 321 111 2508 or can visit our YouTube channel Pakistan Property Services, where we regularly update you to learn about the new trends in the real estate market of Pakistan.

Projects We Deal in:

Many residential and commercial societies in Pakistan are evaluated carefully to help our clients make the better decision. Pakistan Property Services helps the clients invest in projects with good prospects that depend upon the parent company, developers, location, payment plan, amenities they can have in the desired project.


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We can see that the Pakistan Real Estate Forecast 2021 suggests investing more in this market as it promises a huge profit in the coming future. The investors should purchase the properties at a low rate so that they can earn more by selling it once the rates are good enough.

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