Bahria Farm Houses Karachi by Bahria Town Karachi – Location, Current Situation, Features & Map

Bahria Farm Houses Karachi

Bahria Farm Houses Karachi is the new name of luxurious and contemporary residential development. Bahria Farmhouses offers a lifestyle experience that promises the best of community living in an elite and high-class environment.

Bahria Farm Houses Karachi by Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Farmhouses are designed especially for luxury family lifestyle, nearby an international standard theme park and Danzoo. These farmhouses are providing the residents a perfect place to feel tranquility and peace along with the zenith of luxury and a comfortable lifestyle.  Bahria Farmhouses are designed with the utmost care and focus on a comfortable lifestyle with unmatched design quality. Bahria Farmhouses are being offered in 4000-8000 Sq. Yards Plots to cater to the needs of different investors.


Bahria Farmhouses are ideally located near Tauheed Square near the main gate of Bahria Town Karachi which is located on Super Highway. Main Gate is just 4 Km away from the Bahria Farmhouses. These farm houses are also located close to Jinnah Avenue making these farm houses easily accessible to different places of Bahria Town Karachi and the outer Karachi City. Bahria Farmhouses are close to

  • Danzoo
  • Bahria Heights
  • International Theme Park
  • Imtiaz Hypermarket
  • Community Club

Bahria Farmhouses have two access ways from different sides.

Layout Plan:


Available Amenities:

  • Exclusive Gated Community
  • Security and CCTV surveillance 24/7
  • All basic and civic amenities (electricity, gas, water supply, sewerage)
  • Commercial Areas
  • 4,000 to 8,000 Sq. Yards Residential Plots
  • Raima Fountains
  • Security & Maintenance
  • Parks & Green spaces
  • Carpeted and smooth Road network

Available Properties:

Bahria farmhouses are available in three different sizes to the needs of every type of client; residents and investors and their many categories. These sizes include

  • 4000 sq. yards
  • 6000 sq. yards
  • 8000 sq. yards

Current Situation:

Development of Bahria farmhouses is going on at a very fast pace. Roads and the supporting infrastructure are aiding in the construction of these farmhouses. At the moment, few farmhouses have already been completed. The possession has been awarded here and a few of these farmhouses are also occupied. The Mosque of this area is fully operational. Many more farmhouses are under construction too. The development work is very fast-paced here.

Bahria farmhouses have their own boundary wall in Bahria Town Karachi giving the farmhouses a secluded impression from other projects under the same community name. Bahria farmhouses are well equipped with security and have two access points making it quite accessible for residents and people coming here.

These farmhouses present a picturesque view of the landscape. The management of Bahria Town has provided extra-luxurious surroundings for farmhouses. Raima Fountains in the heart of Bahria Farm Houses make this

Payment Plan:

Bahria farmhouses can be categorized into three categories for their payment plans according to their sizes.

Category A of 4000 sq. yards Bahria Farmhouses range from PKR 7 Crore to PKR 8 Crore.

Category B of 6000 sq. yards Bahria Farmhouses range from PKR 8.5 Crore to PKR 10 Crore.

Category C of 8000 sq. yards Bahria Farmhouses range from PKR 9 Crore to PKR 11 Crore.

The price is not fixed as extra premium will be charged for the corner villas, park facing villas and villas on the main road.

Investment Scope for Bahria Farm Houses:

Bahria Farmhouses are a true guidepost for luxury available and offered just by Bahria Town Karachi in the whole country. Apart from luxuries, it has international standard facilities and amenities that make it more demandable such as uninterrupted power supply, water and gas connections, and tight security in gated community and family parks.

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Bahria Farm Houses Karachi has beautiful surroundings and a serene environment that give them the perfection of a peaceful, joyous, and comfortable living community. As the community is away from the Troubles of the city, residents can come here to make their minds refreshed by the cool and clean air.

Bahria Farmhouses have earned its reputation on the international level along with the national level. Foreigners are also interested in Bahria Farmhouses. A huge population of Pakistani citizens living abroad prefers to have all the luxuries in Pakistan which they are enjoying abroad with international emblems and remarkably all those standards can be found in Bahria Town housing scheme altogether major cities like Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. So they are keen to invest in Bahria Farmhouses as this project fulfills their all requirements.

Karachi is the metropolitan city of Pakistan. Elite and Social class, along with many politicians prefer to have a piece of land constructed with their choice depicting a sense of luxury lifestyle. They choose the Bahria Town Karachi farmhouses Scheme to build an elevated and unique landmark facilitating them with all amenities and a sense of peaceful, healthier, and secure living with considering how important privacy is for these people.

Bahria Farm Houses have not only the basic and civic amenities available but it also has the high class and modern luxuries available too. In the farmhouses of Bahria Town, all these facilities are dream come true for many people but Bahria Town has offered these facilities itself without any delay. Bahria Farm Houses Karachi is one of the most desirable choices for investment in Bahria Town Karachi. Beautifully located, these farmhouses are the ideal farmhouses for sale in the whole country. The investment here is not restricted for residency but also for stable rental income to earn high ROI. The farm houses plots’ prices are still very reasonable and affordable when compared to their magnanimous size and the attractive development status and its pace makes them even more valuable. Additionally, these are the best farmhouses to construct and get benefits from the construction relief package offered by the government.

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So Bahria Farmhouses are not the typical farmhouse in the dream of the people, rather these are the posh luxury farmhouses that offers the international standards of community living.

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Bahria Farmhouses are available on easy and affordable payment plan with Pakistan Property Services. So, if you are looking for any modern and contemporary housing society infused in serene and lush green surroundings like Bahria Farmhouses, please do contact Pakistan Property Services. We are the authorized dealers for Bahria Town Group.

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