AQ Bazaar by Bahria Town Karachi – Location, Shops, Features, Investment Options & Booking Details

AQ Bazaar by Bahria Town Karachi

AQ Bazar or Abul Qasim Bazaar in Bahria Town Karachi is the new commercial space providing the best shopping experience ever. This shopping bazar is featuring the world class infrastructure while providing the amazing amenities & facilities for investors, businesses and customers. AQ Bazar provides the best business opportunity apart from the luxurious shopping experience.

AQ Bazaar or Abul Qasim Bazar in Bahria Town Karachi

This is the biggest shopping hub of the area. The shops here will feature everything from the basic needs to the luxuries. This creates a huge range of products availability here. Customers can shop for clothes, shoes, bedding, grocery, beauty items, daily essentials, home products and list goes on.

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AQ Bazar Location:

AQ Bazaar is ideally located in the heart of Bahria Town Karachi near the main Jinnah Avenue. The main gate of Bahria Town is located just on a 15 minutes’ drive from AQ Bazar .The accessibility of this project is very easy as it has many great projects of Bahria Town in its close vicinity. Some of these landmarks are

  • Bahria International Hospital Karachi
  • Bahria Apartments
  • Athar Aman castle
  • Bahria Adventure and theme park
  • Abul Qasim Super Market

AQ Bazar Developers:

Abul Qasim Real Estate & Builders holds itself responsible for the delivery of outstanding and longsighted projects in a world of possibilities. Abul Qasim Real Estate & Builders’ main focus point is designing and enhancing the places for people to live, work and play in by providing the features of modern societies as they move in the long run and hence delivering sustainable services of distinction with excellence within budget since 1999.

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Abul Qasim intends to deliver digital real estate solutions to the real estate investors in Pakistan. Their mission is to benefit from technology to enable real estate professionals to collaborate efficiently in delivering outstanding customer experiences.

AQ Bazar Payment Plan:

Abul Qasim Real Estate & Builders are offering AQ Bazar on very easy and convenient payment and installment plans. You can easily book your commercial property in AQ Bazar by paying 25% down payment and the rest in easy and convenient installment plans.

Investment scope of AQ Bazar:

Investment in AQ Bazar can be a golden opportunity for the investors and the people who want to start their businesses in Bahria Town. As the population of Bahria Town is increasing, the residents are facing the needs to have a place to shop without going to the city center. As this shopping center is located in the heart of Bahria Town, residents can easily access this place.

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AQ Bazaar is also expected to give a stable rental income to people who don’t want to start their business but want to invest here only. The prices of AQ Bazaar are also revised many times due to the interest of investors here and the prime location.

Daily Updated Bahria Town Lahore Rates – Updated Prices of Bahria Town Lahore

So, investment here can be very beneficial for both the investors and the business owners.

Book your commercial property as soon as possible with Pakistan Property Services. We provide a genuine consultation to our clients being the authorized dealers of Bahria Town.

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